EUROCLUB WOMAN is a private nonprofit organization whose purpose is to promote good practices and programs that support the professional development of women in small and medium-sized businesses, which allow them to grow to managerial positions, as well as to support young specialists and talents to realize their potential in Bulgaria.

EUROCLUB WOMAN participates actively in the implementation of a number of projects with European and national funds. The main topic on which it works is the support and promotion of female entrepreneurship in different spheres of the economy and life. EUROCLUB WOMAN relies on innovative training tools, exchange of good practices with prominent representatives of female entrepreneurship internationally and visits to major exhibitions and fairs. The organization is working on projects that aim to contribute to the successful promotion of good business practices which help women to gain useful experience in their career development and growth, focusing on the development and validation of professional values ​​in civil society, education, science, culture, technology and technology.